Facial Waxing
Brows  Waxing |Trimming |Tweezing
Full Face  gets all those face fuzzies! | Doesn't include brows or nose
Lash Tint  Vegetable based dyes to blacken those lashes!
Brow Tint  Vegetable based dyes to darken those brows!
Body Waxing
Full Arms  includes entire arms|hands |fingers
Half Arms  wax is applied from the elbow up(or)down |hands |fingers
Full Legs  includes full legs |feet |toes
Half Legs  wax is applied from the knee up(or)down |toes
Underarms  not much to explain here!
Full Back  includes back of shoulders 
Half Back  Wax is applied to top half or lower half
Full Bum  Wax is applied to cheeks and inner backside
Abdomen  Wax is applied on stomach from both hips
Not So Happy Trail  Wax is applied below the belly button and a few inches about (if needed)

Bikini Waxes

With all Bikini Waxing we wax 3 fingers outside of the Bikini line onto the leg area

The Basic Bikini  Wax is applied directly outside of a modest Bikini line

The French Bikini  Not quite ready for a Brazilian? Labia and backside remain un-waxed. This is perfect for the newbies and the summer bikinis  

The Brazilian Bikini  Wax is applied from front to back. Includes inner backside,

and that Not So Happy Trail

Dare to go bare | Leave a strip | or triangle!

SCW likes variety which is why we use
3 types of wax. This allows us to choose the best possible wax for all skin types
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